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Coffee Break

At EKI, we recognize that relaxation is essential for maintaining your high level of efficiency. So we invite you to have a coffee break, but remember relaxation is a serious business - a playground rather than a rest of the brain.

Here's a selection of brain teasers, tasters and easers for you:

  • The Times

    The Times Online games page - a very classy sudoku with back issues, plus the famous crossword and more.

  • Web Sudoku

    Web Sudoku - an endless repository of puzzles varying from easy to fiendish, with an online timer and statistics so you can see how you compare to their other visitors. (Beware they have a high standard of visitors - can leave your ego feeling a little bruised!)

  • The Guardian - film moodmatcher

    A selection of films for how you're feeling today - a very clever editorial idea from those very clever Guardian people. Click on the sentence that best describes your mood and you will be presented with a selection of films to accompany that mood.

    Everything from when you're having a bad hair day to the planet being invaded.

  • Relaxation

    The world of work occasionally throws up frustrations and setbacks, and these can threaten that smooth calm essential to keeping everyone on board and making considered decisions.

    Don't get mad, get wise; visit the relaxation centre at www.relax7.com or try the relaxation techniques at www.calming.org while sat at your desk.

  • Comedy

    Is it the best medicine? Well there's no doubt that a bit of a laugh now and again is good for everyone. www.cartoonstock.com offer a daily cartoon for when you just want a giggle, or you can buy themed cartoons for when you want to brighten up your publications or communiques.

    For a slightly cheesier line in humour, try the Comedy Central jokes centre - lots of jokes, all with that *groan* factor. Is it good medicine or is the ailment preferable ... ?

  • Travel

    When all else fails sometimes we just have to get away. Book yourself a getaway on www.opodo.com or www.ebookers.com and come back to your desk newly inspired.

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