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quote In 2006, we changed our VAT advisors to EKI Consulting and this has delivered significant benefits. EKI Consulting has developed an excellent understanding of our business operations and accounting systems, proactively identifying VAT risks and opportunities, explaining issues in plain language and adopting a flexible and relaxed working style. Substantial VAT savings and efficiencies have been achieved.
Vanessa Woods, Head of Finance, Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Nursing
quote EKI Consulting's knowledge and expertise has brought invaluable input to reviewing and improving our VAT compliance process. EKI Consulting delivered effective and practical VAT solutions and have continually exceeded our expectations.
Paul Norris, Director of Finance, Institute of Cancer Research
Institute of Cancer Research
quote EKI Consulting has been an asset to the Health Hotel. Taking time at the onset to understand our specific needs and consistently going out of their way to ensure we are up-to-date with all our VAT matters has given us the freedom to be able to concentrate our resources on our business.
Shonali Rodrigues, Project Manager, Health Hotel
The Health Hotel
quote I am very pleased with the help and guidance received from EKI Consulting. It is most reassuring to find an organization with the knowledge and expertise necessary to offer advice on such an extremely complex matter as VAT. This service has enabled us to carry on with our business in the most efficient way possible.
Stephanie Edwards, Director of Operations, CASE Europe
CASE Europe
quote VAT can be a significant drain on the resources of many charities and NGOs. EKI Consulting has a proven record in reducing VAT compliance costs and delivering VAT savings.
Chris Dolan, Indirect Tax Manager, Deutsche Post Net
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